Richard M. Dolan

Richard Dolan

“There is scarcely a person on Earth who has not heard of UFOs; many believe in them. Few, however, can say much about them. Fewer still-even believers-can find much time to think about them. Life finds a way of keeping us occupied with other matters.”

― Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan, one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs, as well as other thinkers dedicated to pushing back our boundaries and exploring new vistas of our world.

Richard Dolan is also an author, historian, and public speaker on the topic of UFOs and related matters. He was born July 1, 1962, Brooklyn, New York, US.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in History and English Literature at Alfred University; he then earned a Master’s degree in History at the University of Rochester. He also received a Certificate in Political Ideologies from Exeter College at Oxford University, and was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship. Since publishing his books on the subject of UFOs starting in 2000, Richard has travelled throughout the U.S. and world speaking to audiences.



Some of Richard Dolan's books

UFOs for the 21st Century Mind
(A Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery)

UFOs and the National Security State Vol 1
(Chronology of a Cover-Up, 1941-1973)

UFOs and the National Security State Vol 2
(The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991)

A.D. After Disclosure
(When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact)


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