Watch the full AGE OF TRUTH TV interview documentary: “THE GLOBAL ELITE IN COPENHAGEN – BILDERBERG 2014″

Watch the full AGE OF TRUTH TV interview documentary: “THE GLOBAL ELITE IN COPENHAGEN – BILDERBERG 2014″, where truth researchers, authors, scientists, protesters, investigative journalists and the Danish police is interviewed by Age Of Truth TV reporter Lucas Alexander, in front of the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 30, 2014, where the annual Bilderberg Group meeting was taking place in 2014.

Even Dutch politician and Bilderberg meeting attendee Diederik Samsom is meeting the protesters at the protest area where people had gathered to demonstrate against the secrecy of the Bilderberg meeting.

On the May 29, 1954 – exactly to the date, 60 years ago, the Bilderberg Group had their very first and very secret meeting where politicians, businessmen, media moguls, scientists, movers and shakers and even royalty meet to discuss world issues, world events and ideas.

Because of the secrecy, the conspiracy theories about what is going on inside the meetings, are many and complex. The implementation of the New World Order, a one world government, and the creation of the European Union, are some of the most prominent.

There are also many facts exposed in recent years about the Bilderberg Group meeting, and the investigative journalists Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks, Paul Joseph Watson, author and researcher Ole Dammegaard and scientist Dr. Niels Harrit are some of the most recognizable figures in the Truth movement, and part of this Age Of Truth TV film.


Luke Rudkowski
Dan Dicks
Paul Joseph Watson
Dr. Niels Harrit
Ole Dammegaard
Diederik Samsom
Esen Sekerkarar Hansen
Pernille Grumme
Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen
Morten Wilder
Rasmus Torp
Uni Wang
Gerrard Delgado Litchfield
Bjarne Rasmussen
Tanja Bjørn Zabell
Saman Mohammad
Mikkel Grøntved
Thomas Faber
Martin aus Berlin


Dr. Rauni Kilde


Lucas Alexander


Mike Kirkeby Pedersen

Höskuldur Eyjólfsson
Erik Hansen-Hansen
Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen
Claus Collstrup
Sahra Cherise
Danny Bellwood
Dome Of Visions

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