OLE DAMMEGÅRD ~ “Terror In Denmark. A Dark Conspiracy?” [Age Of Truth*TV] [HD]

Author, truth researcher, lecturer and artist, Ole Dammegård is interviewed once again by Age Of Truth TV presenter, Lucas Alexander on March 3, 2015, following the terror attacks that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 14th and 15th of February 2015.

A venue in Denmark, Krudttønden (The Gun Powder Keg) was the place where an art event about Freedom Of Speech took place and a Danish film director was shot down. The following night the same supposed gunman shot a security man in front of the jewish synagoge in central Copenhagen, and he also wounded two police officers. The gunman was then shot and killed. This came after the Swedish artist Lars Vilks had published a cartoon portraying the prophet Muhammad as a dog. Lars Vilks was speaking at Krudttønden where 28 gunshots where fired into the venue.

This came a month after the Paris terrorist attack and Ole Dammegård is certain that these events are False Flag attacks, organised from within with signs and symbolism, and therefore an arranged dark conspiracy, which he predicted a month before it took place. Dammegård explains why, and is connecting the dots, comparing them to other major world events of the same nature, after 30 years of extensive research in the field of conspiracy and false flag terrorism.

Age Of Truth TV also did another two-hour long interview with Ole Dammegård about his research, covering many topics in May 2014 during the Bilderberg meeting that took place in Denmark. Watch that interview also on YouTube and on our website.

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ÖZLEM CEKIC ~ SF´s medieordfører om FRI PRESSE, NEW WORLD ORDER, BILDERBERG og SF´s fremgang

Age Of Truth TV interview conducted in Danish, with Danish politician ÖZLEM SARA CEKIC from Socialistic Peoples Party (SF) – 1 May 2015.

ÖZLEM SARA CEKIC – SF´s (Socialistisk Folkeparti) ligestillings-, sundheds-, psykiatri- og medieordfører bliver interviewet af Age Of Truth TV præsentator Lucas Alexander i Fælledparken den 1 maj 2015 op til det danske folketingsvalg d. 18 juni 2015, omkring SF´s svære politiske periode og vej tilbage mod større succes, racediskriminering og Pia Kjærsgaard, og hvorfor Özlem mener det er vigtigt at stemme.
Om mediernes indflydelse på hvordan befolkingen stemmer og hvilke partier der har fremgang i bestemte perioder, samt omkring den hemmelige Bilderberg gruppes politiske møder, afholdt uden pressens bevågning og befolkningens viden, samt om hvorfor man aldrig hører medierne rapportere omkring New World Order (Den Nye Verdensorden).

Interview: Lucas Alexander
Kamera: Lauge Felix Black



PIA OLSEN DYHR ~ Politician asked about FREE PRESS & NEW WORLD ORDER [Age Of Truth*TV] [HD]

Danish politician and chairman of the Danish Socialistic People´s Party (SF – Socialistisk Folkeparti) is interviewed by AGE OF TRUTH TV presenter Lucas Alexander, about her party SF, which might see a comeback in Danish politics at the coming election in Denmark and is interviewed about the media – if a free press exists, how much the media/press is influencing the minds of the generel population of the world, especially during election time. Why the press is not reporting on what is being discussed at the annual Bilderberg meetings (previous Bilderberg meeting held i Denmark in 2014) and why they are also never reporting anything about the elite´s political and financial globalization plan of implementing a New World Order.

The Age Of Truth TV interview with Pia Olsen Dyhr took place at Fælledparken in Copenhagen on International Workers Day on 1. May 2015.

Interview: Lucas Alexander
Camera: Lauge Felix Black


CHARLES SHAW ~ “A Truth Mission – A Life Story – A New World” [Age Of Truth*TV] [HD]

The latest AGE OF TRUTH TV interview documentary: CHARLES SHAW: “A Truth Mission – A Life Story – A New World” featuring American award-winning journalist, truth researcher, author and filmmaker, Charles Shaw.

Interviewed by Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander, filmed at Audonicon, Skanderborg at the Open Mind Conference on September 22, 2013.

The interview will be premiering ON-LINE og http://ageoftruth.dk/, on the AGE OF TRUTH TV (YOU TUBE channel) and on Facebook on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 20:00 (CET), 2 pm (U.S. East Coast), 11 am (U.S. West Coast).

A very dynamic, intense, explosive and eye-opening hard-talk conversation between Charles Shaw and Lucas Alexander about Shaw´s alternative world view and his own personal unique life experience. Topics covered in the documentary include: 9/11, Mind Control, the New Age movement, Hippie movement, Politics & Political leaders, Conspiracies, Drugs, The Mafia, Secret Societies, UFO´s and much more from Charles Shaw´s point of view.

Duration: 1 hour 45 mins.

Charles Shaw BIOGRAPHY:

Charles Shaw is an award-winning journalist, editor, author of the critically-acclaimed memoir, Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics & Spirituality (2012, Counterpoint/Soft Skull Press), and Director of the documentary films, The Exile Nation Project: An Oral History of the War on Drugs & The American Criminal Justice System (2011), WHITE PANTHER: The Legacy of John Sinclair (2013), Visurreality (2013) & Exile Nation: The Plastic People (2014 Cinedigm Films: Executive Produced & Narrated by Edward James Olmos). He is currently the Director & Executive Producer of At Home in the Dark: A Film About Trauma & PTSD, currently in post-production (est. release: 2016).

He is the Co-Host of the weekly radio program, Midnight Sunrise Radio, a show by artists, for artists, covering the ins and outs of the alternative community. Charles serves as Editor for the openDemocracy Drug & Criminal Justice Policy Forum and the Dictionary of Ethical Politics, both collaborative projects of Resurgence, openDemocracy, and the Tedworth Charitable Trust.

Charles’ work has appeared in Alternet, Grist, Guardian UK, Huffington Post, In These Times, openDemocracy, & The New York Times. He was a Contributing Author to Planetizen’s Contemporary Debates in Urban Planning (2007, Island Press). In 2009 he was recognized by the San Diego Press Club for excellence in journalism.


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OLE DAMMEGARD ~ “False Flags & Secret Conspiracies” [Age Of Truth*TV]


OLE DAMMEGARD ~ “False Flags & Secret Conspiracies”

Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander interviews internationally acclaimed truth speaker, the Danish born author, conspiracy researcher, lecturer, yoga teacher and artist, Ole Dammegård.

Ole Dammegård is one of the worlds leading researchers into the JFK (John F. Kennedy) and Olof Palme assasinations and is the author of the 1000+ page book “Coup D´Etat In Slow Motion” about the infamous death of Palme, the Swedish prime minister.

He is also researching staged events and is talking about how he believes that False Flag attacks are staged and used for political and financial purposes, where the end goal is global domination.

Ole Dammegård was in his home city Copenhagen in Denmark on May 30th, 2014, to take part in the Bilderberg Group demonstration, which took place in front of the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, where the annual Bilderberg Group meeting was held in 2014. Ole Dammegård met up with Age Of Truth TV at the Dome Of Visions in Copenhagen to talk about, what he calls, the whole global conspiracy.

Many heavy topics will be covered in this 2 hour and 10 minute edition of Age Of Truth TV. Topics like False Flags terror attacks, Secret Societies, Bilderberg Group, Mind Control (MK Ultra), Elite families, New World Order, Spirituality, the Olof Palme murder, the JFK assasination, the mysterious deaths of celebrities such as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, Free Energy and many other controversial topics.

Like always, Age Of Truth TV is approaching this interview from a sceptical point of view.

For much more information about Ole Dammegård, check his website:  http://lightonconspiracies.com

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Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander is interviewing American author, truth researcher, Director of the Post Sustainability Institute and former forensic commercial real estate appraiser, ROSA KOIRE in the film: “Secrets Behind U.N. AGENDA 21 & GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY” [Age Of Truth*TV]

Rosa Koire is the author of the book “Behind The Green Mask” and is giving controversial lectures all over the world, exposing what she believes, is the real control agenda behind the 300 page, 40 chapter action plan of U.N. Agenda 21, which was approved and implemented locally by 179 countries at the Rio De Janeiro earth summit in 1992.

~ “UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL” ~ Rosa Koire

Rosa Koire is connecting U.N. Agenda 21 with the political, financial and globalized New World Order plan, which most alternative truth researchers claim is a fully controlled One World Government, implemented through a “Problem, Reaction, Solution” strategy.

A fascinating and eye-opening in-depth interview with Rosa Koire by Age Of Truth TV, filmed at the Open Mind Conference at Audonicon, Skanderborg – Denmark on the September 21, 2013.

Premiere and cinematic screening / presentation before a live audience was held at PH Caféen, Copenhagen on August 20, 2014.
Rosa Koire:
“Secrets Behind U.N. AGENDA 21 & Global Sustainability”


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Truth Agent Update: Robert Hastings

Robert Hastings Profile Pic


-Robert L. Hastings was born May 6, 1950, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at Sandia Base, where atomic weapons were engineered. His father, Robert E. Hastings, was career U.S. Air Force, retiring in 1967 with the rank of Senior Master Sergeant. In 1966–67, the Hastings family was stationed at Malmstrom AFB, Montana, during one peak period of UFO activity at nearby Minuteman nuclear missile sites. In March 1967, Hastings witnessed five UFOs being tracked on radar at the base air traffic control tower. He later learned that these “unknown targets” had been maneuvering near ICBM sites located southeast of the base. This experience ultimately led to his decades-long research into the UFO-nukes connection.

If you want to read more about Robert Hastings, Click here: http://ageoftruth.dk/robert-hastings/

GRATIS EVENT! – Age Of Truth TV film fremvisning af Rosa Koire interviewet “Secrets Behind U.N. AGENDA 21 & GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY”

Så er AGE OF TRUTH TV klar med endnu en øjenåbnene, usædvanlig og uforglemmelig oplysningsaften for ALLE interesserede – og igen med FRI ENTRÉ !!!

Her kommer optakten til den kommende Open Mind Conference i Danmark, hvor både AOT TV og OMC teams vil være samlet til film-premieren på ROSA KOIRE film-interviewet:

“Secrets Behind U.N. AGENDA 21 & Global Sustainability”

Onsdag d. 20 august 2014 kl. 19.00 er datoen hvor næste AGE OF TRUTH TV produktion bliver præsenteret i biografform på det store lærred, foran publikum, hvor der vil være live-debat med nogle spændende debattører og publikum bagefter filmen.

Denne aften vil berøre velkendte emner fra en helt ny øjenåbnende vinkel for alle der er intresseret i politik, samfundsstruktur, magtelitere tiltag, global opvarmning, hemmelige dagsordener, terrorisme, menneskers helbred, genetisk manipuleret mad og boligforhold, for at nævne nogle af de emner der indgår under afdækingen af begrebet U.N. Agenda 21, som den spændende amerikanske forfatterinde, foredragsholder og forsker, Rosa Koire, fra Post Sustainability Institute, er en af verdens mest promenente talere omkring.

I filmen “Secrets Behind U.N. AGENDA 21 & Global Sustainability” forklarer Rosa Koire detaljeret og dynamisk hvad U.N. Agenda 21 faktisk er for en magtelitær plan, og bliver udspurgt dydbeborende, men også kritisk, af Age Of Truth TV intervieweren Lucas Alexander, der også vil være vært for selve arrangementet og debatten efter filmen.

Interviewet er filmet på Open Mind Conference 2013 af Age Of Truth TV, og på denne aften d. 20 aug. 2014 vil det være muligt at købe særlige tilbudsbilletter til dette års kommende Open Mind Conference, der vil finde sted d. 20 – 21 september 2014 i Kedelhallen i København.
Kom glad – alle er velkomne

Kom i god tid – DØRENE ÅBNER kl. 18.00
FRI ENTRÉ !!! Først til mølle princippet.
Onsdag d. 20 august 2014
kl. 19.00
PH Caféen
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V.


U.N. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development er en handlingsplan implementeret over hele verden til formål for at kontrollere al jord, alt vand, alle mineraler, alle planter, alle dyr, alt byggeri, alle produktionsmidler, al energi, al uddannelse, alle oplysninger, og alle mennesker i verden.

En strukturplan iværksat af samme politiske og financielle magtselite der har iværksat målet at indføre en Ny Verdensorden (NEW WORLD ORDER), også betegnet som en totalitær overordnet verdensregering.

I betragtning af at reglerne og formålet med U.N. (på dansk: FN) Agenda 21 er vævet ind i alle de generelle planer for byer og lokale amter, er det vigtigt for folk at få indsigt i, hvor disse regler kommer fra. Imens mange mennesker støtter FN for deres `fredsskabende indsats´, ved meget få, at FN har indført specifikke og strikse regler for arealanvendelse, som de forventer at se implementeret i hver by, amt, stat og nation. Den særlige plan kaldes FN´s Agenda 21 for bæredygtig udvikling, der har sit udgangspunkt i kommunitarisme.

På nuværende tidspunkt, har de fleste mennesker nok hørt om bæredygtig udvikling, men de fleste er stort set uvidende om Agenda 21.

I en nøddeskal, handler planen for regeringer om at tage kontrol over al arealanvendelse og ikke efterlade nogle beslutningsprocesser i hænderne på private grundejere. Det antages, at folk ikke er gode forvaltere af deres egen jord og landområder, og at regeringen vil kunne gøre et bedre stykke arbejde, hvis de er i fuld kontrol over alle arealer.

Individuelle rettigheder i almindelighed skal gives op for de instanser som er fastlagt af den styrende regering. Desuden er planen at folk bør fratages deres jord og flytte ind i bebyggelser og boligkomplekser, eller “øer” i menneskelig beboelse tæt på jobcentre og transport.

Et andet program, kaldet Wildlands Project, præciserer hvordan det meste af jorden gerne skal afsættes til f.eks dyr og hvad der er formuleret som “non-humans”.

FN Agenda 21 beskriver bla. amerikanernes velstand som et stort problem, som skal rettes og formindskes. Planen opfordrer til at sænke levestandarden for befolkningsgrupper over hele verden, så folk i fattige lande kan få mere end de har, som en officiel forklaring på en omfordeling af velstanden.

Agenda 21-reglerne datéres tilbage til 1970´erne, men de blev endeligt iværksat i 1992 på verdenstopmødet i Rio de Janeiro, da præsident George H.W. Bush underskrev planen. Præsident Clinton underskrev den senere og fortsatte programmet i USA. Agenda 21 er betegnet under begrebet “soft law” og skal derfor ikke til afstemning i Kongressen. En ikke-statslig organisation kaldet “Det Internationale Råd for Lokale miljøinitiativer ICLEI”, har til opgave at udføre de mål der er sat med Agenda 21, som også kan beskrives som en totalitær plan, der fratager flere mennesker deres individuelle rettigheder.

Over 600 byer i USA har implanteret planen allerede, ligesledes i hele Europa, og antallet er stigende.
Omkostningerne betales i hvert land af skatteyderne.

ROSA KOIRE : Hvem er Rosa Koire?

Rosa Koire er en amerikansk forfatter, forsker og juridisk taksator af erhvervsejendomme med speciale i ekspropriationsret og værdiansættelse. Tidligere Distrikts Chef for California Department of Transportation. Hendes 28-årige karriere med støtte i retssager omkring arealanvendelse, kulminerede i at eksponere og synliggøre virkningerne af bæredygtig udvikling på privat ejendomsret og stramningerne omkring individuel frihed, som følge af U.N. Agenda 21 planen.

I 2005 blev hun valgt af borgernes tilsynsudvalg i Santa Rosa, det nordlige Californien, til at gennemgå et foreslået 1.300 hektar ombygnings projekt, hvor 10.000 mennesker bor og arbejder. Hendes forskning i de dokumenter, der begrunder planerne, førte hende og partneren Kay Tokerud, på sporet af hvad U.N. Agenda 21 faktisk handler om, og det fik Rosa Koire til at udfordre det, efter hendes mening, løgnagtige grundlag for den enorme Gateways Sanering Project.

Igennem sin forskning fandt hun, at mange af midlerne der bruges til gennemførelse af den lokale FN Agenda 21/Sustainable Developement, kommer gennem omdirigering af ejendomsskatter til sanerings agenturer.

Hendes arbejde i at give oplysninger og informere samfundet om hvad FN Agenda 21 i virkeligheden er, har spredt sig på tværs af nationen og over hele verden. Dette sker samtidig med at flere og flere mennesker bliver opmærksomme på de øgede restriktioner på deres ejendomsret, og de metoder, der anvendes til at gennemføre social engineering.

Hendes hjemmeside tilbyder uddybende information: www.DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com

I 2010 grundlagde Rosa Koire og hendes partner, non-profit organisationen “The Post Sustainability Institute”. Rosa holder foredrag og giver interviews over hele verden omkring U.N. Agenda 21, og er forfatter til bogen “BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21″.

Rosa Koire, ASA
California Certified General Real Estate Appraiser
Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers
District Branch Chief, California Department of Transportation
Bachelor of Arts, English, UCLA, 1982
Filmen er produceret af AGE OF TRUTH TV
© http://ageoftruth.dk/


Age Of Truth TV teamet

Truth Agent Update: Richard M. Dolan

Richard DolanRichard Dolan, one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs, as well as other thinkers dedicated to pushing back our boundaries and exploring new vistas of our world. He is also an author, historian, and public speaker on the topic of UFOs and related matters as truth. He was born July 1, 1962, Brooklyn, New York, US.

Some of Richard Dolan's books
If you want more info about what Richard Dolan is doing, please click here:


Watch the full AGE OF TRUTH TV interview documentary: “THE GLOBAL ELITE IN COPENHAGEN – BILDERBERG 2014″

Watch the full AGE OF TRUTH TV interview documentary: “THE GLOBAL ELITE IN COPENHAGEN – BILDERBERG 2014″, where truth researchers, authors, scientists, protesters, investigative journalists and the Danish police is interviewed by Age Of Truth TV reporter Lucas Alexander, in front of the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 30, 2014, where the annual Bilderberg Group meeting was taking place in 2014.

Even Dutch politician and Bilderberg meeting attendee Diederik Samsom is meeting the protesters at the protest area where people had gathered to demonstrate against the secrecy of the Bilderberg meeting.

On the May 29, 1954 – exactly to the date, 60 years ago, the Bilderberg Group had their very first and very secret meeting where politicians, businessmen, media moguls, scientists, movers and shakers and even royalty meet to discuss world issues, world events and ideas.

Because of the secrecy, the conspiracy theories about what is going on inside the meetings, are many and complex. The implementation of the New World Order, a one world government, and the creation of the European Union, are some of the most prominent.

There are also many facts exposed in recent years about the Bilderberg Group meeting, and the investigative journalists Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks, Paul Joseph Watson, author and researcher Ole Dammegaard and scientist Dr. Niels Harrit are some of the most recognizable figures in the Truth movement, and part of this Age Of Truth TV film.


Luke Rudkowski
Dan Dicks
Paul Joseph Watson
Dr. Niels Harrit
Ole Dammegaard
Diederik Samsom
Esen Sekerkarar Hansen
Pernille Grumme
Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen
Morten Wilder
Rasmus Torp
Uni Wang
Gerrard Delgado Litchfield
Bjarne Rasmussen
Tanja Bjørn Zabell
Saman Mohammad
Mikkel Grøntved
Thomas Faber
Martin aus Berlin


Dr. Rauni Kilde


Lucas Alexander


Mike Kirkeby Pedersen

Höskuldur Eyjólfsson
Erik Hansen-Hansen
Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen
Claus Collstrup
Sahra Cherise
Danny Bellwood
Dome Of Visions

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